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OBE will support ASI Tx for encoded output and ASI Rx for PSIP passthrough or stream re-encoding.

ASI Tx is available experimentally. It is used on two services. One 25fps service experiences no issues. An NTSC service experiences a problem where the card buffers frames. This issue occurs when using bitrate output mode and PCR output mode. It is not clear whether this issue related to the mux used in OBE, or the particular model of card used for ASI playout.

The PCR jitter with these cards have been measured to be well within the allowed tolerances with a Tektronix MTM-400.


Linear Systems (now known as DVEO)

Open source ASI cards with precise tuning possible. The OBE project has access to a DVB Tx Master III.


Linear Systems (now known as DVEO)

OBE has access to a DVB Master Receive card.