Encoding MP2 Audio using twolame

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MP2 (aka Musicam) encoding is done with twolame. twolame is a high quality open source MP2 encoder.

Twolame can be run on Windows, OSX and Linux. Further information about twolame can be found at http://www.twolame.org/


Getting started

Your input must be in a .wav file. FFmpeg can convert most audio formats to .wav. In broadcast applications output sample rate is 48000Hz. Only stereo and mono audio is permitted.

Run the following command:

twolame -b XXX in.wav out.mp2

Replace XXX with your chosen bitrate in kilobits per second. 384kbps is the maximum allowed. 256kbps stereo is commonplace.

This mp2 file can be muxed using OBE-VoD.