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Why does OBE not support web streaming (to iPhone, iPad, Android, etc)?

OBE is designed for professional television encoding of DVB and other broadcast services. As an Open Source project OBE aims to comply fully with broadcast specifications. Streaming is an area in which there is relatively little standardisation. OBE would also never be able to tightly integrate with professional DRM.

How widely deployed is OBE?

There are over a hundred SD and HD channels being encoded with OBE around the world.

Who started OBE?

OBE was initially a collaboration between various broadcasters. Development is managed by Open Broadcast Systems Ltd.

OBE uses x264. That's an Open Source variant of H.264, right?

Yes x264 is a standards compliant implementation of MPEG-4/AVC aka. H.264. There is much confusion between x264 and H.264 but x264 streams are compatible with the billions of playback devices out there.

Do you support MPEG-2?

Like many proprietary vendors we are working on retrofitting MPEG-2 support to the x264 encoder. This is being trialled by various broadcasters. There is a lot of work to be done before it is complete. See the x262 project for more details.