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Welcome to the Open Broadcast Encoder Wiki

We’re a collaborative community website about the Open Broadcast Encoder that anyone, including you, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

Here you can find out how to use the Open Broadcast Encoder for all your realtime and Video-on-Demand needs as well as collate information about the uses of OBE in production, e.g. Set Top Box compliance.

Getting Started

The following links are useful for those getting started with OBE.

A brief overview of OBE; describes what to expect from an OBE system.
OBE Philosophy
Describes the principles and philosophy behind OBE.
OBE Compared to Other Encoders
Summarizes the similarities and differences between OBE and other encoders.
Describes OBE's compliance with various systems and hardware.
Getting Involved
Describes various ways one can contribute to the OBE community.

Installation Guide
A concise installation guide.
A list of common and frequently asked questions.

Help and Support

Help and support can be obtained from the OBE mailing list:!forum/obe-discuss

Help can also be obtained via Freenode chat:


The components of OBE can be found at The development tree can be found at

Most of the technical documentation relating to code can be found