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What is the Open Broadcast Encoder?

The Open Broadcast Encoder, or OBE, is a broadcast encoder built from Open Source components. It is in use or in planned deployments at many major broadcasters and IPTV providers worldwide and provides significantly higher visual quality at a given bit rate on commodity hardware compared to many hardware encoders.

A corporate overview and downloads of OBE can be found at: http://www.obe.tv/

The OBE platform is divided into 2 similar sub products:

OBE RT (Open Broadcast Encoder Real-time)

OBE RT is designed around the idea of taking a HD-SDI signal and encode it into a valid MPEG-4/AVC transportstream and send it out on the network. OBE supports having multiple network targets interfaces, or multiple transport protocols like TS over RTP or TS over UDP in either Unicast or Multicast mode.

OBE RT also supports outputting to an ASI output card as an alternative to IP. (check list of working ASI cards here)

Typical Design


OBE VOD (Open Broadcast Encoder Video On Demand)

OBE VOD uses a similar design as RT, but uses file as input source and file as output source.