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Inserting SCC captions

OBE-VoD can insert scc captions into AVC. Drop frame is detected automatically from the caption file. It is also possible to write second field captions before first field and choose Echostar style captions. 29.97fps and 59.94fps framerates are supported.

NB: As per SMPTE specifications 59.94fps uses 29.97fps DF timecodes where each timecode refers to a frame pair. Currently only single SCC files are supported

--captions scc:<option>=<value>


--captions scc:filename=in.scc,sff=1 


filename <file> - Mandatory. File name.
sff 0/1         - Optional. Write second field before first.

Echostar Captions

By default OBE-VoD will use SCTE/ATSC captions. Some providers may want Echostar captions, which are slightly different. Echostar captions can be set using the following option:



The default timecode is 00:00:00:00 or 00:00:00;00. To set a custom timecode use the following option:

--timecode "01:00:00;00"
--timecode "01:00:00:00"

Use the first type for Drop-Frame and the second type for Non Drop-Frame. The quotes around the timecode are important.

Coming Soon

  • Support for multiple scc files
  • Support for inserting scc into soft pulldown streams.


Virtually all workflows which involve SCC input will be CableLabs streams: