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Mux Rate (mandatory parameter)

The TS muxing rate is set with the following option in both VBR and CBR mode. It is in bits per second. Note: this is different to VBV settings which are in kilobits per second.

--ts-muxrate XXXXX

CBR stuffing

To stuff packets to create a constant bitrate stream use the following option:



Currently CBR AC-3/MP2, and CBR or Constrained VBR AAC audio tracks are supported. Tracks can be added using the following option:

--ts-extra <audio0>|<audio1>|<audio2>

Audio options are as follows

e.g. "audio:filename=in.ac3,pid=500,lang=eng,bitrate=384000|audio:filename=in.mp2,pid=501,lang=fra,bitrate=256000"

filename <file> -     Mandatory. File name
bitrate <integer> -   Mandatory for AC3/MP2. Bitrate in bits per second
lang <3 characters> - Optional. Language Code
pid <integer> -       Optional. PID of audio stream

Note: multiple audio tracks can be separated by a "|". The audio list must be enclosed in quotes.

Custom PIDs

Video PID

The video PID can be set with the following option:

--ts-video-pid XXX


The PMT PID can be set with the following option:

--ts-pmt-pid XXX


The PCR PID can be set with the following option. It is strongly recommended to use the video PID or a separate PID.

--ts-pcr-pid XXX

Next (optional)

SCC files can also be inserted:

There are further options available for the following stream types. These are not required for a generic transport stream.